There is something special about the waters…clean and unpolluted. The flavour of the fish is sweeter and tastier than any other.
Andrew Ferguson, Ferguson Australia Seafood

Local produce and beverages are vital ingredients in the Island lifestyle we love so much.

We’re sociable about our food on this island where it’s so easy to know a grower or producer and learn whatever you like about what has been grown, raised or crafted.

You’ll find regular farmers’ markets in Kingscote and Penneshaw and island produce stocked in the supermarkets. Locals have ready access to organic honey, genuine free-range eggs, locally-baked bread and pastries, sheep cheeses and yoghurt, local lamb, pig and goose, homemade sauces, chutneys and much, much more. The freshest seafood on the planet comes from the Island’s unpolluted waters and sustainable aquaculture.

Boutique restaurants and cafes are scattered around the Island, offering a variety of cuisines, experiences and destinations. Hotels in the main towns are affordable and reliable. Choose to eat overlooking a grand bay, nestled in a bush setting, watching the ferry come and go, or by an open fire on a cold winter’s night.

One of South Australia’s first boutique distilleries makes unique liqueurs and spirits here and they are gaining an international reputation and garnering awards. Excellence in a sector inpires entrepreneurs, attracts talent and stimulates investment. Micro-breweries are producing beers with an Island flavour and more than a dozen wine labels are testament to this proclaimed wingrowing region. A handful of cellar doors complement our restaurants and cafes and make ideal destinations to enjoy local food, wine and million-dollar views.

We have a professional industry association that works with the Kangaroo Island’s food and beverage businesses to bring produce to markets (and attract customers to them!), with forays into online retailing boosting opportunities for many of our boutique and farmgate producers and processors.

We know it’s important to value, protect and promote what’s unique about our food, beverages and agriculture. The Kangaroo Island Brand remains as unspoilt as the environment. In fact, biosecurity is paramount in a place where our historical isolation from the mainland has meant less disease. This has been great for our seed potato industry, that grows prized non-GMO crops, our canola growers who have an eye for the Japanese market and our sanctuary role for the last pure strain of Ligurian bees, supporting a honey industry that may well be the envy of the world.

You’re welcome to join us for an intimate meal or a long-table celebration, or maybe even a week-long gourmet safari. Come on over!