"It’s a perfect climate for living, producing and growing. The environment hasn’t been changed and that gives us total involvement in the natural system. This is heaven on earth"
Richard Trethewey, Farmer & Chair, Kangaroo Island Natural Resources Management Board

Kangaroo Island farmers have a unique connection to their natural environment. They balance the elements, sustainability and conservation with their passion to continue the heritage of family farming.

Vast vistas of protected wilderness stand side by side with wide fields of grain, flocks of sheep roaming the paddocks, cattle, poultry and small patches of vineyards. Dotted across the land are the Island’s ubiquitous beehives, home to the purest remaining strain of Ligurian honey bees in the world. This shared landscape reflects the Community’s primal connection with unspoilt nature and their desire to live as part of it

Sustainable Plenty

The mainstay of agriculture here is sheep, visible everywhere, with two-thirds of the Island farmers involved in wool production. There are over 500,000 sheep, bred for wool or tender lamb for the table. There is even a sheep dairy, making sheep milk yoghurt and cheese.

Across the Island, pastures and paddocks define the land, with over 23,000 hectares of land devoted to canola, wheat, cereal crops and pulses.

There are three large free-range eggs producers here, along with cattle, pigs and a smattering of other livestock. Add vineyards and vegetables to see a diverse and healthy agricultural industry thriving on Kangaroo Island.

The pure, pristine waters surrounding the Island draw commercial fishermen and enthusiastic amateurs. Delicious King George Whiting, crayfish, abalone, prawns and oysters are considered by some as the best in the world.

Ligurian bees were brought here in the early 1880’s and, in 1885, the Island was declared a bee sanctuary with no further imports allowed. Now home to the only remaining pure strain of Ligurian Bees in the world, Kangaroo Island honey is an icon of the Island’s food offering, with a distinctively complex flavour profile.

Innovative new products constantly emerge alongside traditional agricultural products, with a number of farmers delving into marron production. Kangaroo Island marron is now highly prized with both Island and mainland chefs shouting praise about its delicate taste. Others farmers have diversified their plantings, experimenting with crops such potatoes, lavender, olives and figs.


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Island Beehive

Island Beehive

Island Beehive produces world renowned, Certified Organic Ligurian Bee Honey.


Hazyblur Wines Pty Ltd

Hazyblur Wines is a small boutique winery established in 1998 by Ross and Robyne Trimboli.


Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs

This Kangaroo Island family business produces over 15,000 dozen genuine free range eggs per week for sale in South Australia, Melbourne and Sydney.

Kangaroo Island Wool

Kangaroo Island Wool’s wonderful, natural fibre is grown and harvested annually from hand selected, elite sheep well cared for by us; professional farmers and a veterinarian. We

The Oyster Farm Shop

Showcasing Kangaroo Island aquaculture and sustainable seafood on a working oyster farm. Freshest oysters on Kangaroo Island!

Emu Ridge

South Australia's only commercial eucalyptus oil distillery. Producers of Eucalyptus oil, natural products and a unique tourist attraction.

Elders Rural Services

Elders Kangaroo Island provides various services to primary producers, supporting their needs throughout the entire production cycle. From finance, banking, and real estate service


Kangaroo Island Pure Grain

Kangaroo Island Pure Grain was established in 2009 with a mission to provide premium returns to KI grain growers by producing pure, non-genetically-modified and traceable grain.



Bellevista directors are at the forefront of farming innovation on Kangaroo Island, employing the latest technologies in agriculture.

Kangaroo Island Oats

Kangaroo Island Oats is growing, sourcing, milling, packaging and wholesaling KI Oats into the retail sector both on the island and mainland Australia.