Kangaroo Island. Discover the things that really matter in life.

Kangaroo Island is truly unique. With an incredible unspoilt natural environment, authentic wildlife experiences, food and wine produced in balance with nature, agricultural products which are safe and protected and art inspired by peaceful surrounds.

Kangaroo Island is a place of natural values, simple authenticity and personal connections. And it is an island, physically and spiritually separate from the mainland.

In a world becoming more complex, more disconnected, more demanding of time and attention, there is a growing desire among people to reconnect with the things they value most in life.  Kangaroo Island meets these needs.

It is a place that allows you to reconnect with the things that really matter in life – personal relationships, wild nature, real hand-made food and wine, agricultural products grown in balance with nature, and authentic people and experiences.

Kangaroo Island is a place apart, of unspoilt nature, deep restoring breaths and invigoration. A place of authentic products and experiences that cause you pause and reflect on the things that really matter in life.

The third largest island in Australia, it is separated from mainland South Australia by a 15 kilometre stretch of ocean named the Backstairs Passage.

Its dramatic coastline, bound by the Investigator Strait in the north and the Southern Ocean to the south, surrounds 4,500 square kilometres of sculpted natural landscapes. It is nature, in its imperfect glory, which inspires and enlivens so much that happens here.

The 4,500 people who live here are linked by their very tangible and individual connection to the natural world that is authentic Kangaroo Island.