Brand Kangaroo Island brings together those who share a belief in the values and qualities that make Kangaroo Island a place apart.  Collaboratively, we promote Kangaroo Island and grow regional prosperity based on those shared values:


Products or businesses bearing the Authentic Kangaroo Island or Proudly Kangaroo Island mark come with an assurance that they represent the quality, values and unique points of difference that Kangaroo Island brings.

Standards for Brand Kangaroo Island partners are:

  1. Origin:  The product is sourced, substantially delivered, produced or transformed on Kangaroo Island.
  2. Professional Standards:  The business or product adheres to the professional accreditation systems relevant for its industry.
  3. Values:  The brand partner supports and embodies the values of Brand Kangaroo Island and they believe in the power of working together to build the prosperity of our region.