"There is a quality of life here that doesn't exist around the world. There is a stronger sense of community and place here than anywhere I've ever been."
Yale Norris, Newcomer to Kangaroo Island

Set apart by ocean boundaries, Kangaroo Island’s tranquil, unspoilt environment is a breath of fresh air for residents who enjoy the natural world on their door step, a healthy sense of space and a culture of helping and nurturing each other.

The simplicity of this down to earth lifestyle encourages a safe, secure community which values self-reliance and is proactive, energetic and engaged by the challenge of maintaining a balance between people and place into the future.

Our engaged community invites participation in many ways to gain local knowledge and make friendships whether it be through environmental groups, sporting clubs, many creative collaborations or choosing volunteer work because you see a need.

It’s a place to feel settled, to trust in the friendly welcome you’re given by established Island families, to raise children as free spirits in a natural paradise and be confident that quality educational and health care services are taken seriously.

Kangaroo Island is a place to find everything you need but where the constant pressures of traffic noise, traffic lights, shopping malls and city congestion are blissfully absent.

Experience the ever-changing moods of the sea and sky, appreciate bird song and ocean waves, catch your dinner from a jetty. Revel in a sense of freedom.

To find out more about Kangaroo Island’s community services, visit the the Kangaroo Island Community website.