We are a sustainable gourmet mushroom farm located at the Northwest corner of Kangaroo Island. Grown above the highest cliffs in South Australia, surrounded by heritage bushland, and immersed in nature, our mushrooms breathe freely.

Kangaroo Island Mushrooms supplies high quality fresh gourmet mushrooms, dried mushroom products, and mushroom growing kits, to local restaurants, farmers markets, local businesses, and online.

Our purpose-built mushroom facility produces exceptional quality mycelium in a positively-pressurised laboratory equipped with climate-controlled incubation and sterilisation rooms. Climate-controlled fruiting rooms allow high-quality gourmet mushroom varieties to be grown year-round. We are very excited about fungi and we hope you are too.

Join us on our mushroom journey at the Western end of Kangaroo Island. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay connected

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