Three generations of the Bell family have grown wool at Bellevista, expanding the business by buying or leasing land, and diversifying into meat production and cropping. Rodney and his sons Travis and Lachlan, with their wives Judie, Ingrid and Tiffany, farm the original property near Kingscote, and lease other properties, farming about 4000 hectares.

Employing the latest technologies in agriculture and land management, the Bells have been able to increase their land-holdings and production to world-standard and constantly seek improvement.

Bellevista runs 12,000 sheep and produces up to 400 bales of wool a year and 2800 prime lambs for meat. It also produces 4000 tonnes of crops – wheat, canola and broad beans.

Bellevista directors are at the forefront of farming innovation on Kangaroo Island and are active members of the KI Sheep Production Group, Kangaroo Island Wool and Kangaroo Island Pure Grain.

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