Kangaroo Island Wool’s wonderful, natural fibre is grown and harvested annually from hand selected, elite sheep well cared for by us; professional farmers and a veterinarian.

We are all shareholders in the company, living and working on our properties on Kangaroo Island. The good health and welfare of our sheep is at the core of our management approach and it defines our commitment to the ethical production of wool and meat. Each of our farms has its own specific diagnostic and monitoring program to promote good health and animal husbandry for the life of our sheep.

Kangaroo Island Wool farms are productive because of our deep understanding of the interplay between our sheep and their environment. Our wool is grown by merino and non-merino sheep that graze pastures in free-range conditions all year round, with additional supplementary feed being supplied as required at times of the year when pasture growth is low.

We understand and respect Kangaroo Island’s unique natural environment and we work hard to maintain sustainable production systems in the long term. Strong relationships and a transparent supply chain are central to our philosophy. You can be sure that our sheep are as happy growing their wool here on Kangaroo Island year after year as your customers will be wearing it.

Kangaroo Island Wool
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