We have all the ingredients for good health in spades - an active lifestyle, wholesome food, surrounded by a nuturing community all within an amazing natural landscape... and if needed, exceptional skills and care from our medical and emergency services.
Jayne Bates, Islander

The Island is a country community blessed with an excellent suite of health services. The hospital in Kingscote is the centre of care and provides a wide variety of services, including emergency, mental health and maternity facilities. As a bonus, patients have one of the best views in town, overlooking the Kingscote jetty and fishing fleet!

Carnarvon and Anchusa aged care facilities are annexes of the hospital, as is the Cook Community Centre, which provides community and allied health services from resident and visiting staff and specialists.

A private medical clinic works closely with the hospital and a range of medical and health professionals. They are also a training clinic. Fortunately for the residents of the Island, a number of rural doctors have chosen the lifestyle of Kangaroo Island in which to raise their families, including those supporting the Rural Women’s GP service. They are truly all-rounders, constantly training to keep their high standards in service and patient care.

Unlike many country communities that face a scarcity of GP services, we are blessed with a number of dedicated doctors, some of whom also specialise in obstetrics, pediatrics, anaesthetics, minor surgery, emergency and general medicine.

In a world of 24-hour clinics and overflowing emergency rooms, there is comfort in knowing your GP well. On the Island you will not only know your doctor, but also probably the ambulance volunteers, the nurses and other staff at the hospital.

Other services include the pharmacy in Kingscote with a branch in Penneshaw, physiotherapy, dental, optometry, psychology and a broad range of travelling specialists who run regular clinics on the island.

We have a number of health retreat, spa and resort operators who contribute to a diverse network of wellbeing providers and ventures on the island.

In a health emergency, a team of volunteers offer the professional services of the South Australian Ambulance Service. If needed, this service can work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service to ensure you get to a mainland hospital promptly in a crisis. The establishment of the ‘HeartSafeKI’ program includes a network of public access defibrillators and community members trained in CPR, one of Australia’s first ‘heartsafe communities’.

Our Island is home base to many farming families, so healthcare isn’t limited to men, women and children. We have a large veterinary practice that offers round-the-clock support for working animals, emergency assistance for our native animals and care for the many household pets that also call Kangaroo Island home.

It’s hard not to live a great lifestyle on the Island, though with a caring community and world-class facilities and services, a move to Kangaroo Island could be an inspired choice for your physical, emotional and – some might say – spiritual wellbeing.