With the exciting plans for the island.. we look forward to a glowing and growing future for everyone. The plethora of opportunities for businesses on Kangaroo Island is unprecedented
Tony Willson, A and G Willson Earthmoving

Just as a community we need to support each other on a personal level, we also understand that we need to support different businesses and industry sectors on the island. 

Considering the size of our population, we are blessed with a great variety of retail and service businesses. And most of them offer more than one service.

There are opportunities to find a niche and build your own business here. It’s the kind of place where your hobby or passion might become your business, with the right nurturing; a place where an entrepreneurial spirit can be indulged and then burgeon. The Kangaroo Island Commissioner’s ‘transformation project’ provides mentoring, technical and marketing support for new and established businesses, creating a richer competitive environment and attracting the people to the region who are keen to start and succeed at something new.

Our airport is being expanded and the number of tourists visiting the island is projected to increase dramatically in the next couple of years. Opportunities for new and expanding businesses are huge. We have more than $170 million of major projects in the pipeline, including a golf resort, 200-bed resort at American River, wharf redevelopment and exciting developments in forestry and renewable energy (our island already has an end-to-end electric car charging network!).

These projects and many others in the pipeline provide extraordinary opportunity for direct and associated job creation and business growth. In addition to the Commissioner’s growth-focused transformation program, business development comes with significant support, with organisations such as the Kangaroo Island Business and Brand Alliance; with a vision to ‘build a single, collaborative brand under which all of Kangaroo Island’s products, experiences and businesses can work together to promote our region and grow regional prosperity’.

Those who use the Authentic Kangaroo Island and Proudly Kangaroo Island trustmarks ascribe to the brand values. The alliance’s management board comprises representatives from each industry association and elected community members.

Industry bodies include, Agriculture KI, Business KI, the Kangaroo Business & Brand Alliance, Kangaroo Island Food and Wine Association and Tourism KI. Each group advocates for its members and keep these important parts of the Island economy in good health. Industry groups naturally intersect to deliver growth projects like Open All Year, a targeted approach to encouraging visitation 12 months of the year, and the Kangaroo Island Social Media Alliance connects people globally, building lifetime customers.

The Island was one of the first to be serviced by the National Broadband Network, via satellite, and the Kangaroo Island Council has established a high-speed microwave broadband network for business use. This business-friendly council also supports local SMEs with a procurement policy that favours local services and supplies, and makes allowances for the extra costs that freight and business size might confer.

The Island has been designated a special region for economic development. Through the office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island, a board for economic growth has been appointed to advise on tourism, agriculture, food and beverages, education and other major sectors. Its strategic decision-making will continue to advance and strengthen the Island’s global position, especially across Asia and Europe where we have long-standing relationships.

In this context, there is always a focus on helping local businesses make the most of opportunities that arise, by advocating for training and ensuring locals understand what is required to compete for large tenders. It has sponsored high-profile speakers to bring their messages to inspire local operators.

Business supports business on Kangaroo Island. Bring your ideas, products, services and experiences to us and we will be the first to applaud your success!