A bank of digital assets is now available for all businesses to use to promote the seasonal story of Kangaroo Island.

These assets include photos reflecting the offerings of Kangaroo Island all year-round; fact sheets to help build websites and social media presence; and resources for business to upgrade their offering and check they are meeting the expectations of visitors.

Open All Year is a project of the Kangaroo Island Industry and Brand Alliance with the collaboration of Tourism Kangaroo Island, and aims to boost business in the mid-year season to benefit the whole Kangaroo Island economy.

Project sponsor Craig Wickham said at the launch of the digital portal last week that building business in the middle of the year would contribute to better staff retention, better employment opportunities and a more sustainable business model for all Kangaroo Island businesses.

Those who attended the launch of the portal last week also had the chance to hear a presentation from digital guru Liz Ward and received a one-year subscription to Tourism Tribe, an online resource for all things digital – social media, websites, software help and more.

The portal at seasonalkangarooisland.com.au has sourced photographs from Kangaroo Island’s best photographers who have been paid and who have signed a copyright agreement allowing their unlimited use to promote Kangaroo Island.

The portal is not designed to replace other sources of photographs, such as the SA Tourism Commission gallery, but rather to tell the ‘other’ stories of Kangaroo Island, about walking trails, wildflowers, bird-watching and coastal life reflecting all the seasons.

Visit the Seasonal Kangaroo Island – Open All Year website and click through to register and use the assets that have been accumulated for the Open All Year project.

Liz Ward Workshop