The much-awaited digital library to help Kangaroo Island businesses to improve their online presence and tell an all year-round story about Kangaroo Island is here!

The Open All Year portal contains photos, videos, fact sheets and documents you can use now on your website and social media, or to print out for your guests. There’s also toolkits developed by tourism and business professionals to help improve your year-round offering.

Over coming months we’ll be adding blogs and continue to build on our library of images and fact sheets. We won’t ever have everything; many traditional images of Kangaroo Island you can find from other sources.

What we’re trying to do is help you to tell some of the untold stories of Kangaroo Island, the things visitors may not know about – wildflowers, walking trails, waterfalls, rugged wintry coastlines and more.

Check it out now and tell your own seasonal story about Kangaroo Island! Visit the Seasonal Kangaroo Island website.