Those were the key messages from entrepreneur Dave Staughton, at the fourth in the Open All Year workshop series, presented recently to about 40 representatives of Kangaroo Island businesses.

The workshops have focused on how Kangaroo Island can improve its visitation in the mid-year quiet time and how it can make visitors more welcome in the ‘off-season’.

The ‘ouchies’ are small things that can be attended to but cause the greatest annoyance for customers.

The businesses who took advantage of these free workshops have all come away with great ideas to improve their businesses, whether it is accommodation, attractions, hospitality, retail or services.

The aim is not to have to spend a lot of money but just to think about things differently. The sharing of ideas and challenges has been a focus and everyone left with ‘toolkits’.

“Even if you implement one change from today, then measure it and add something else, it will be a valuable exercise,” Dave said.

The workshops have been part of the Open All Year project, a collaborative program between the Kangaroo Island Industry and Brand Alliance and Tourism Kangaroo Island.

Other aspects of Open All Year include the development of ‘fact sheets’ and a gallery of images and videos for use by Kangaroo Island business in their own promotion through traditional means, for guests and on social media.

Watch this space!