Local businesses are an essential part of the Kangaroo Island community – and are eligible to vote in local council elections.

The Kangaroo Island Council election, which will be held in November in conjunction with the other 66 councils across the state, is the opportunity for businesses like yours to have a voice on who will make decisions on spending and policy in our local community.

If you are a local resident already on the electoral roll, you automatically get a vote and will receive ballot papers in the mail.  However, many business owners may not realise they are also eligible to vote in the council elections, but businesses need to enrol by Friday, 29 July.

Your vote will help shape key local issues which affect your business, such as rezoning, local traffic management, development and planning, parking, street lighting and economic development.

If you are a business owner operating on Kangaroo Island but not a resident and are paying commercial rent on the business premises (i.e. you rent office space or a shop) you are eligible to be placed on the council’s voters roll and vote in the upcoming council elections, but you will need to enrol your business.

Enrolling is easy, and the enrolment form can be found at www.councilelections.sa.gov.au.  Simply complete your enrolment form and return it by post or email.

To help shape the future of the Kangaroo Island community and be part of the decision-making process on key local issues, then enrol to vote in the council elections before 5 pm on July 29.

For more information visit ecsa.sa.gov.au or call 1300 655 232.