The Kangaroo Island Medical Clinic has launched its latest campaign to attract doctors to live on Kangaroo Island.

A video by Island-based Ad Hoc Docs is the latest “carrot” in its campaign to attract GPs.

Kangaroo Island doctor Stephanie Cohen says she felt “embraced by the community” when she and husband Philip arrived to work in the practice.

Fellow practitioner Jeremy Wells says the clinic is an opportunity for doctors to practice “holistic” medicine and really get to know their patients. He also talks about career opportunities for his partner, education for their children and the nature-based lifestyle they enjoy.

“The video is great because it is the doctors talking themselves about how wonderful it is to live and practise on the Island,” practice manager Tanya Biddell said.

“This is the first time we’ve had a professional video shot. So we’ve put it on LinkedIn and our website and medical websites. We just need to get the word out and there’s plenty of doctors who can testify how great it is to live here.”