Initial analysis indicates that a small, permanently located meat processing facility on Kangaroo Island may be viable, and has significant community support. There does not appear to be any significant technical or regulatory barriers to this option.

A report by PIRSA into artisan meat processing recommends that any company/group seeking to establish a meat processing facility on KI, should  undertake detailed market analysis and feasibility study to determine business viability.

Minister for Agriculture Tim Whetstone launched the report last week.

The report found all hospitality venues who responded to a survey were keen to source and use KI meat products. They stated that KI is being marketed as a food destination and that KI branded meat products are an expected part of that offering.

Kangaroo Island is well recognised for its premium quality produce. Many KI producers are exploring ways to attract new market opportunities by building upon the region’s known quality and authenticity. Some KI farmers have expressed interest in on-farm or artisan meat processing, recognising potential market opportunities, both locally and nationally.

The Kangaroo Island Business and Brand Alliance made a submission to the study, on behalf of members. You can read it here.

There are no current dedicated livestock processing facilities on KI, and the majority of livestock is transported off the Island, for processing elsewhere. KI has limited accredited facilities to process and handle raw meats e.g. retail butcher, and cold storage and distribution facilities.

Read the full report here