Projects bring Brand to life

Two recent projects have helped Kangaroo Island businesses to use the Authentic Kangaroo Island brand to grow their markets and tell their stories to the world.

The Brand Cluster project funded by PIRSA, and the Graphic Design Project funded by the Office of the Commissioner for Kangaroo Island, have helped dozens of businesses to shape their message and understand how their products and services are part of the Kangaroo Island brand story.

Both projects were implemented by the Kangaroo Island Industry and Brand Alliance (KIIBA), an industry association of 90 members who work together to promote the story of Kangaroo Island. Members are both individuals and businesses, they range from artistic pursuits such as KI Players, to food producers like Island Beehive, and experiences like Raptor Domain.

Consultant Cath Williams worked with members in the Brand Cluster project, helping them to understand their own brand and how it fits into the Kangaroo Island brand. She worked with KIIBA members who were honey producers, egg producers and with Kangaroo Island Wool.

Sharon Simons of Clifford’s Honey Farm said the one-on-one business mentoring provided by Ms Williams was valuable.

“It helped us to really understand our own brand story and implement it in our business. Clifford’s has always been a family-focused business and that’s how we wanted to engage with our customers,” Ms Simons said.

The project also created videos and still shots for the three industries to use in their marketing. Still to come is more social media exposure, advertising, banners and posters.

The Brand Cluster Project dovetailed with the Graphic Design Project, which assisted all KIIBA members to activate the brand in their business by using the “Authentic Kangaroo Island” and “Proudly Kangaroo Island” logo on their posters, signage, letterheads, email signatures, websites and more. Local graphic designers Emma Stapleton and Ginny Grant contacted all members to offer their services, paid for by the project.

Paul Gibson from Cliff Hawkins Real Estate said the business had been a member of KIIBA for some time and it was good to finally start using the “Proudly” logo.

“We just needed the technical know-how and this project really helped us to do that,” Mr Gibson said. “We’re now using it in all of our advertising and it feels great to be part of the Kangaroo Island brand.”

KIIBA chairman Tony Nolan said it had been a great achievement to get the “Authentic Kangaroo Island” logo activated, so that consumers could recognise genuine Kangaroo Island products and services.

“To finally see that logo on Kangaroo Island Free Range Eggs packaging and on our iconic honey products is very satisfying. It helps the reputation of our genuine products and helps to protect us and consumers from imitations,” he said.