The 15th Islands of the World Conference was officially opened at the Kingscote Town Hall on Monday, 3 July by Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino, President of ISISA (International Small Islands Studies Association).

The event will be a multi-disciplinary conference of academic excellence that offers participants the opportunity to be connected with and immersed in an island community and environment. The theme of the conference is Small Island Communities: Models for Global Survival.

A wide variety of events have been scheduled for the conference including the presentation of 42 papers from Australia, 8 papers from the Pacific Islands, 2 papers from islands in the Indian Ocean, 5 papers from Asia, 7 papers from Europe, 5 papers from North America and 2 papers from the Carribean. Attendees will also enjoy daily events hosted by the Kangaroo Island community showcasing its important knowledge and role in the world today.

The conference will end on Friday, 7 July. For further information, visit the Kangaroo Island 2017 website.