Hand crafted high quality, luxurious products created on the stunning Kangaroo Island, Australia.

Our Story

Soaked was established in 2018 and was born out of a desire to create luxurious bath bomb containing no synthetic or artificial ingredients, just pure goodness for your skin.

It’s always been my part of my dream to make high quality natural products and to be able to offer them for those who want a quality product that is natural and contains nothing artificial or synthetic.

So it wasn’t surprising when the opportunity arose to purchase Soaked.  in April of 2021 that I didn’t hesitate. I knew I just had to take that leap of faith and buy it, it just felt right.

Soaked was a match made in heaven for me, it was the last piece of the puzzle. It was a way I could combine my love of essential oils and natural personal care products and offer them to the public.

Soaked is known for its signature creamy luxurious bath bombs where it all began but I also plan on adding new lines into the mix designed to nurture, balance and inspire self-care!

So stay tuned!

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