Kangaroo Island Living Honey is a Passionate Certified Organic, family run business.

Shawn began working with bees as a hobby in 1998 and soon a passion was born, with hive numbers growing each year.         Shawn and Anthea now have approximately 200 productive hives of the region’s famed Ligurian bees.

Producing up to 20 tonne of Organic honey each season. Shawn and Anthea avoid using chemicals in all aspects of their farming practices, striving to produce products at a high standard and as naturally as possible.

In addition to their many varieties of traditional honey, Kangaroo Island Living Honey produces Creamed Honey, bees wax, candles, Lip Balm, Propolis Tincture and goat’s milk soaps.

Shawn and Anthea are prime examples of the region’s passionate producers, their connection to nature showing through from paddock to the plate.

Kangaroo Island Living Honey
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