Located on pristine Kangaroo Island, this brewery is born from blood and sweat.

This Island has been built on the hard work of generations before, something not to be taken lightly. Whether it was the first English settlers of the South Australian Company or the following soldier settlers making this land arable, hard work and perseverance has been the underpinning quality of KI and it’s people. At Kangaroo Island Brewery we want to homage to those qualities and make the kind of beer that those first hard working settlers would be proud of.

Although Nina and Mike haven’t been on Kangaroo Island as long as the original settlers, they still love and appreciate Kangaroo Island for it’s heritage and natural beauty. Nina’s roots are in the ecological side of KI working with both Kangaroo Island Marine Adventures and Raptor Domain. This gives Nina the hands on experience with both marine animals and the airborne variety. Being the eco friendly partner in operations, she dictates the sustainable path that Mike is to travel! Mike has been a builder for 10 years in the Fleurieu Peninsular and Kangaroo Island. Lucky enough to work on many different and varied building sites, Mike has been able to bring a rustic yet neat and modern feel to the new brewery. Most if not all materials in the new KIB are recycled and have an amazing story. From local shearing sheds to local quarried stone the brewery is local as hell!   

So why a brewery? Well, it just makes sense. The Island is lucky enough to have fantastic wineries and even a micro distillery but up until now, no brewery. Nina and Mike hope that they can do justice to KI and fill the gap.

Finally, in being fresh and new we are learning as we go and we want your input. We want to steer this brewery in a direction dictated by the customer and not big industry. We will over the course of the next 24 months aim to make this  brewery and it’s beer in a 100% KI and want to brew beers that the locals and tourists value alike. So if you’re in the brewery, make yourself at home, get comfortable and get to know both Mike and Nina. We want to make a beer for you that makes you happy!

Kangaroo Island Brewery
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