Janine Mackintosh creates intricate contemporary assemblages using natural materials, mainly collected from her 800 acres of woodlands, heathlands and wetlands on the wild south coast of Kangaroo Island.

Her art practice sprang from studying the plants of the property and employing the techniques of museums and herbariums. She felt driven to share the myriad details; each carefully distilled from the rich ecological antiquity of the landscape. She’s collaborating with nature; drawn to leaves which have been weathered, chewed by beetles or somehow display the complex connections that exist between coevolved native species.

Her preservationist artworks are a window on the natural world that she hopes will ignite a sense of wonderment, invite sustained contemplation and inspire conservation.

Janine has been awarded numerous art prizes and her pieces are held in public and private collections around Australia, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, USA, Canada, France, China, Switzerland, Thailand, Germany, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Puerto Rico, Dubai and Japan.

Janine’s work is available via her Open Studio or online via her website. Please email her with any enquiries.

Janine Mackintosh – Artist
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