Ads like this appeared in the Sunday Mail and in The Advertiser’s Source section


Kangaroo Island producers who are members of the KI Industry and Brand Alliance are set to benefit from resources developed as part of our PIRSA Brand Cluster project.

The project worked with honey, egg and wool producer members to help them better understand their own brand and how it helps to tell the  “Authentic Kangaroo Island” story.

As part of the project implementation and at the request of the participating businesses:

  • KIIBA has strengthened the criteria for membership applications from these sectors to protect our unique businesses;
  • We have undertaken advertising in mainstream media, in print and digital;
  • Promoted the special qualities of our producers and products via our “Authentic Kangaroo Island” social media platforms;
  • Developed jar seals to make consumer recognition even easier.
  • Produced pull-up banners to promote “Just buy KI”, for our members to use as they wish.

Our member producers on the island (not just honey and eggs) will soon receive some of these assets to test out, so watch your mailbox!

If you’re not a member yet, get on board to reap the benefits of using the “Authentic Kangaroo Island” trademark. You can sign up here.

Or contact for more information.

Trying out the new jar seal on our newest member – Kangaroo Island Fresh Garlic.