Quentin Chester is an award-winning photographer and writer. His abiding interests are nature and landscapes. A regular contributor to Australian Geographic and Wild for more than three decades, his books include Australia’s Wild Islands and The Kimberley: Horizons of Stone (both with Alasdair McGregor), as well as two essay collections: The Wild Calling and Tales from the Bush. 

In the same spirit as his writing, Quentin’s wilderness photography affirms the power of experience, revealing hard-won moments of natural intimacy and awakening. Based on Kangaroo Island, his images feature in a variety of exhibitions and editorial work, along with limited edition prints available at Fine Art Kangaroo Island.

Current projects include Island to Inland, a planned 2017 SALA exhibition of ten Island artists coordinated by Country Arts SA. Meanwhile, examples of his most recent work appear regularly on his Instagram profile and Facebook page.

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