Lathami Wines is a small family run business owned by Graham, Helen,Tom and Steph Wurst at Stokes Bay on the sunny north coast of KI.

With a great deal of optimism we planted ten acres of Shiraz vines in 2001 with a follow up planting of Fiano vines in 2009. Fiano originates from the southern Italian Hills just inland from Naples and produces a richly flavoured medium bodied white wine. It has been an amazing success and sells out very quickly each vintage. A bottle fermented sparkling Shiraz complements our range of wines and is delicious with foods ranging from spicy Asian dishes to hearty roasts.

The vines are planted adjacent to the Lathami Conservation Park which is one of the nesting sites for the endangered Glossy Black cockatoo. A male tail feather is a feature of our Shiraz label with a female feather represented on the Fiano label.

When pruning in the sleet and rain and with fingers numbed by the cold we sometimes question what we are doing, but we remain confident in the future of the wine industry on KI and look forward to producing many more quality wines.

For vineyard visits, please ring or email to make an appointment. We encourage a vineyard visit and sampling of our wines.

Wines are available at Kangaroo Island hotels and bottleshops or direct from the Wurst family. Delivery or post available anywhere in Australia.

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