Jim and Betty McAdam established Hog Bay Apiary in 1993. The business produces four certified organic varietal honeys and a creamed honey.

Their focus from the hive to the home is on producing honey with minimum processing to maintain maximum flavour, food quality and consistency of product. A small side-line in organic beeswax candles is also pursued in order to maximise return by marketing Kangaroo Island bee products.

Kangaroo Island is the world’s oldest bee sanctuary, declared in 1885 to preserve the pure strain of the Ligurian honeybee. The geographic isolation has enabled the bees to remain free of disease present on the mainland, therefore no antibiotics or other chemicals are used in apiary management.

Produce is available at food retailers around Kangaroo Island, the Kangaroo Island Farmers Market and specialist food outlets in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

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