Artisan Food Selections Australia Pty Ltd is a South Australian based business dedicated to creating shared value with SA Food & Wine artisans producers including Kangaroo Island by offering access to export markets via our international e-platform to Asian Retail & Foodservice markets.

Hand-crafted breads, pastries, chocolate, cheese and other foods are frequently defined as artisanal — having authentic, natural qualities that mix fine, fresh ingredients with passion on the part of the artisan, who puts his heart and soul into what he makes. Changing consumer tastes and preferences for natural, healthy foods have contributed to the rapid surge in artistically made products.

“Artisan” is a term used to describe food produced by non-industrialized methods, often handed down through generations. Artisanal, as a term, is similar to the word craft. For instance, what we call craft beer could just as well be called artisanal beer, although that term may sound strange to the ears of beer drinkers. In fact, the word artisan comes from the Latin ars, which means craft, skill, or art.

As consumers become more educated about what they eat and more concerned about its origin, artisanal food is gaining popularity. People want to feel that what they’re eating is pure and authentic, and made by actual people, not machines.

Artisan food are often closely linked with specific raw ingredients from which they are created. Thus the Artisan producers understand and respect the raw materials with which they work, they know where these ingredients come from and what is particularly good about them. Artisan food producers get better over time and probably never stop improving or tweaking their practice, learning from other people and their own mistakes. They have mastered the craft of their particular production and have a historical, experiential, intuitive and scientific understanding of what makes the process that they are engaged in successful.

Shoppers turn to artisan foods because they often taste better and are made with higher quality ingredients.

Artisan Food Selections Australia Pty Ltd
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